Daily Routine

First of all, I'd like to apologize for not writing for so long, but I have a good reason. The thing is Jake was forced to stay for a few months away in work right after our honeymoon so our married life only actually started much later.
I even stayed in my single apartment. We were supposed to go straight to our new house but since I would be alone in this big house and we still has some work being done on it, we thought I would be more comfortable and have more privacy if i kept my apartment for a fez more months.
Jake only got back definitely for Christmas, so our single life has been a little prolonged with us being away.
When he came back we didn't immediately talked about discipline and how it would work, we just wanted to be together and with our families. With the holidays we spent most of the time between his parents and my parents houses for big family meetings.
I didn't wanted to bring up the subject. I didn't actually know if I was supposed to or if he should take the initiative. He did so in New Year's Day as to mark a new beginning.
I realized he had thought and planned that thoroughly and presented a very complete plan of what he thought our routine should be. We discussed it together, I added some things and suggested some changes but in the end we had a very structured plan of what our days should be like. (This only makes sense if we understand how Jake and I are very keen of keeping strict routines and schedules. We are not the kind of people to improvise and with Jake's demanding job everything must be ready in due time).
So here is the daily schedule for weekdays we agreed on:
6:30 am - I get up while Jake is still asleep and get to kitchen where I prepare breakfast
7:00 am - I put breakfast on a tray and take it upstairs where we take it together in bed
When we finish, I get Jake's clothes ready while he goes to the bathroom and help him dress.
7:45 am - I see him at the door and wish him a good morning at work
After that, I sometimes sleep for another hour since I woke up early to get breakfast ready for us
9:00 am - I get up, get dressed, so the bed and any small cleaning that needs to be done and go to the supermarket or grocery store to get whatever I need for preparing the day's meals. Sometimes Jake tells me at breakfast he would like to eat something specific that day and I always take that into consideration when planning the meals.
11:30 am - By this our I'm supposed to be back home and have set the table for lunch (we are very lucky that Jake can come home for lunch). It's at this time that I get my Maintenance Discipline that Jake decided should be daily for now. I'm supposed to be ready for it, in our bedroom fully naked kneeling by the bed from 11:30 on. Most of the times he only arrives at 12:00 or even 12:30 but he does surprise me sometimes so I learnt to get in place in time.
12:00 am - When Jake gets home he sometimes wanders around the house knowing I'm upstairs waiting for my spanking. My Maintenance Discipline are always over the knee and Jake only uses his hand, although I am supposed to get his belt, the paddle and my hair brush ready, just in case. He disciplines untill he finds it appropriate after which I always sobbingly thank him for his generosity and fellate him as a way of showing my appretiation.
1:00 pm - After the discipline is over I don't get corner time, instead I continue fully naked while I serve him lunch which is usually very simple (soup, a salad and some fruit). Apart from when I'm preparing something in the kitchen I have to remain naked within his sight (and even reach) while he eats.
1:20 pm - After he finishes, Jake usually takes a small nap in the living room couch. That's when I have my meal and clean everyting up. Once I've done so, I am to sit on the floor next to the couch where he can caress my naked body. He loves to have my boobs in his hands while he rests.
2:00 pm - I go get dressed while Jake gets ready to leave and I bid him goodbye again already dressed.
During the afternoon I do whatever cleaning needs to be done and prepare dinner. After those chores are done the time is mine to do as I wish. I can go out with some friends, read, listen to music, whatever.
7 pm - Jake gets home around this time. When he gets home, he has his bath already prepared (I take mine in the morning) and I lovingly bathe him. I leave his clothes ready and head off for dinner which should be served at
8 pm - Since we have very light lunchs, our dinners always include a salad, a fish dish, a meat dish and a dessert or some kind of fruit. That's why sometimes i take the whole afternoon preparing dinner.
After we eat I clean the kitchen with Jake's help and we just spend a nice evening home watching tv, reading, listening to music or just talking about how our day was.
10 pm - We usually go to bed around this time, and sleep closely together.


Introductory Discipline(s) - Part II

After that first test spanking with my father which didn't hurt me so much because I was too surprised to actually feel the pain, Jake asked, still during our wedding party, when would I have my real introductory discipline. I told him I didn't know when it would be more apropriate and we should just enjoy ourselves, our friends and family during the party. He got up and I saw him talking to the party organizer and going to the garden with him. I was quite surprised when the party organizer asked me to meet Jake in the garden.
When I got there he let me know that if he asked me a question that meant he wanted me to answer it and not to try to make him think in other things. When I answered he was over reacting he just told me very calmly we were going to a small garden shed and he had asked for everyone to be kept away from there. Obviously I thought, as everybody else in the party, we would be getting a small preview of our wedding night. How wrong was I!
Instead he just grabbed a stool and sat there while i kept standing. He asked me to take my dress of. I answered him he didn't understand how hard it was to put that dress back and we could have sex if I justpur my skirt up. He then informed me we wouldn't be having sex: "Jane, we are not about to have sex, I made you a question and you refused to answer me in a very disrespectful way. Well, I'm going to get the answer I was looking for and just found your introductory discipline will be right now. Take that dress of or I'll have to take it off myself and then you won't have any to get back in".
I think what made the most impression to me then was how calmly he talked, I'd think he would be stressed and nervous or angry but not, he just informed me in a very calm and steady voice. His tone let me know implicitely that was not a subject open to discussion but a mere information and he would be doing exactly what he was threatening if I dared to disobey. So, I undressed. I was shocked to realize he meant me to take all my underwear also but I obeyed thinking I could still turn that into sex.
While I stood there naked he gave a little speech about how would our discipline sessions occur: "This is the last time I inform you directly you are to get punished. You might have noticed I called you Jane instead of Janey as I always do. I will keep calling you Janey but, whenever I call you Jane you are to know that, as soon as we have some privacy, you are to be punished. That's the best way I thought to keep our married life as private as possible and still be able to let you know you are getting disciplined. This is also the last time I let you know what you should do after you call me Jane. You are to go to our beroom and get fully undressed and kneel in front of the bed thinking about why I'm about to punish you. Don't forget you should also put all the implements in the bed neatly arranged by size. You will stand in that position untill I arrive, if you have to go to the bathroom you should do it when you get naked. When I get to the room you should stand and answer all my questions with education and respect. If I don't ask you anything you will keep as silent as possible. I will then punish you as I find better suites each situation. In the first times you will be allowed to yell or cry loudly but you have to gain self control. You should cry and sob as soon as possible since I will only consider the punishment started from the moment your genuine tears flow. We have read the tearful discipline article on Mr. Loving DD blog and you know what very weel what I'm talking about. In the next days I'll set up a list of implements that will correspond each kind of misbehaviour. Even though, I will always have the possibility to make sudden changes and I won't have to let you know about them. Don't worry, I'll personnally let your bottom know about them. In the end of each disciplinary session you will thank me by sexualy pleasing me: if you were spanked over the knee you are to orally please me , if you have been punished in any other position you will allow me to have anal sex. This is not for you to understand pleasing me is your duty as my wife, but also to remind you nature made men and women different: men were made to penetrate and women to be penetrated."
When he finished he asked me if I had understood everything and told me to get over his knee. I did it willingly as I kept thinking that would be more fun than pain. He started hand spanking me very gently and kept hardening. He kept reminding me I was his wife and he, as my husband, had to keep me in line. He had accepted that duty before me, my parents and the rest of society when he accepted to marry me and, as I knew, he is a man of honour and word that fulfills his duties thoroughly.
He kept hand spanking me for about an hour and before that I was already thinking i wouldn't stand any more pain (since I was still a bit sore frommy father's spanking in the morning). I started trying to get away from his knees but that just made him keep me tight. He was able to hold my legs between his and my hands with his free hand.
After exactly an hour he stopped and made me kneel in front of him to tell what I had learned with my first spanking. As I kept silent he slaped me in the face and asked me if he would have to start all over again. I then was able to tell him I understood he had a duty as my husband to punish me and I had a duty as a wife to endure and try to learn more with it. I thanked him and asked for forgiveness for trying to run away and resist him when he was wasting time to punish me while he could be enjoying the party.
Then he hugged me tight and said I knew what I had to do. I opened his pants and orally pleased him untill he cum. I was told to stand kneeling while he would go to aske someone to help me put my dress back on.
He left me alone kneeling, feeling my bottom sore as I never had (I wasn't used to get spanked before marrying). I don't know how long I kept there untill my mother arrived and told me Jake had told my parents what happenned. She helped me dress myself and get my hair straight and we returned to the party.
The party last all night and I had endure all my friends insinuating what we had been doing all that time alone.
The impression that punishment left on me lasted all our honeymoon and Jake decided we would only start maintenance spankings after getting back home.


Introductory Discipline(s) - Part I

On my wedding day I arrived home from the manicure to find my father and Jake together saying they wanted to talk to me alone. We went into my parents room the three of us sat talking. My father explained he had summoned Jake to give us a little talk about the practical aspects of marriage. He told us keeping an LDD lifestyle wouldn't be easy, that we would often be tempted to give it up but that would be less felt as time went by. He also advised us to keep it at a low profile so people wouldn't think us crazy. He always believed a person's personal life should be kept private and that a couple's business had no interest to the others, even to their own children. He warned Jake he hadn't spanked since I was a child (which was true) and that I wasn't used to it, so he had to be careful and have patience.
He then told me to open a drawer and fetch everything it had inside. I brought a loopy johnny, a wooden paddle with holes in it, a large thick wooden ruler and a cane. He took of his belt and asked me to kneel before him.
He explained us he would show Jake what he considered being the best way to spank a woman.
I was then put over his knee and he started spanking me with his hand. While he was doing this he told Jake that he thought I might need Maintenance Discipline. He warned him about all the safety issues he should be careful with and that this was not meant to be a form of violence and that no permanent damage should be done. He then assured me that if Jake ever does me any permanent harm I should go back to his house and that he would have to deal with him. I think he wanted to let very clear he didn't condone with violence or with anything that might put my health in any kind of risk.
My father and Jake kept talking while I changed position and my father gave 15 swats with each implement (except for the cane which he didn'd used as he thought it unnecessary). As I tried to resist he held me tight and kept me still (at some times with Jake's help). As I yelled and cursed he explained me my role was to keep quiet and accept my punishment in a lady like manner. I shouldn't yell, talk, curse or insult. I should answer when asked but not ask or complain. He told I shouldn't focus on the pain itself, but instead use the pain to focus on my behaviour (or misbehaviour). He told us both it would be very good if I cried when punished, but he warned us that might take some time to happen.
Later that day, I got married to my wonderful husband in a beautiful cerimony that was everything I had dreamt of and more.
And this was my first introductory discipline, a quite strange one since it was given by my father but that's the best way I can call it since my husband was present. It was an introduction for both of us.

While helping me get dressed my mother told in more details how I should behave and keep a polite posture while being punished and told me I should always thank Jake for any punishing as she did with my father. She told she thought this gratitude she felt for my father to have been the basis that kept thair marriage solid for so many years.

Introductory Discipline(s) - Intro

I thought it would be better to start this blog by the beginning and, in an LDD marriage, that means to start by the introductory discipline (for knowing more about what's introductory discipline I'd advise reading this post from the Loving Domestic Discipline blog).
Strangely I happenned to have two introductory disciplines, well the first is more of a test but Jake thought this to be the best way of presenting both experiences. This post will be presenting the first of them (the test) and later on I'll write the post concerning the second.

But, first things first, by the time Jake proposed we also discussed what kind of marriage we would like to build together. He told me about Lovind Domestic Discipline and, as I didn't know anything about it, I searched the web and found some things. I have to thank to Mr. LovingDD, for his wonderful blog (linked above) which became a fundamental source of information for both of us.
While we organized the wedding Jake decided he shouldn't discipline me, since the Head of the Household in which I still lived was my father. He thought that, untill the wedding night, disciplining me was something that concerned my father more than him. We talked to our parents about this choice of ours so that they wouldn't find strange our actions after the marriage. I was then surprised to find my parents lived almost an LDD marriage (they didn't really called it by any name) and I hadn't noticed anything (they were, and still are, very conscious of their private life as a couple). They were also happilly surprised and gave us their blessing. Jake's parents don't see it that well and think we are a bit crazy.


Hi, my name is Jane and I have recently married to my wonderful husband, Jack. He asked me to begin this blog to record our life together as a couple. We decided to shape our relation through LDD (Loving Domestic Discipline) and share our choice with other people. Hope you like it, i'm sure we are going to!